About Us

Zero Exposure Solutions provides products and services (WHS Consultant, Environmental Consultant) to help small to medium businesses reduce their overall exposure in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance Activities.

Zero Exposure Solutions achieves this by providing:

  • Online Solution (Sherm);

  • Management Systems (Policies, Procedures, Registers etc);

  • Specialised Advice;

  • Internal Training;
  • Auditing of current practices and processes (allows a through gap analysis to be performed) etc.

Why choose us?

The point of difference for Zero Exposure Solutions is the ability to provide products and advice covering Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. This allows businesses, if they wish, to have just one single Management System (Manual) covering all areas, called an Integrated Management System. The benefit of an Integrated Management System is that rather than managing two or three separate systems and procedures (which can be labour intensive), there is one system covering all the relevant requirements (including Legislative and Australian Standard requirements), and all associated procedures, forms, registers etc are designed to cover all areas.

Zero Exposure Solutions is also an approved Sherm Distributor.  Sherm is a online reporting tool which allows businesses to report incidents, manage documentation, control injury management, track and plan training, produce real time reports and the list goes on.  Sherm is a very powerful reporting tool that is locally owned in Brisbane.  By having Sherm within your business we can ensure ”we have you covered” when it comes to your WHS legislative requirements.

So where did Zero Exposure Solutions begin…….

Zero Exposure Solutions was established by Cheryl Middleton in 2015 after realising with the wealth of experience she had, it was time to help small to medium businesses by ensuring they had robust and easy to use systems embedded in the workplace.  Most management and workers dislike dealing with WHS requirements as they think its labour intensive and not worth the timeand struggle to see their return on investment.  Cheryl strives to work with her clients to ensure that managing safety just becomes ”how you do business”.

Cheryl has had a wealth of experience in the manufacturing, mining and engineering sectors both locally and globally.

Cheryl’s passion for safety started at a young age when back in 1985 her father was involved in a workplace accident.  Due to sheer LUCK, her father walked away with not a scratch on him.  This is where the passion for safety in the workplace is driven from. Cheryl strives to ensure that no family receives the call her mother did to say her loved one has been involved in workplace incident.

Spending 12 years in the fertilizer manufacturing sector and a further 9 years in the mining and engineering industry sector, Cheryl has a wealth of experiences she is able to apply to any industry sector.  In these sectors Cheryl has held a variety of roles from the grass roots of being a personal assistant to being responsible for supporting Senior Management Teams in Sustainability Reporting requirements for Business Reports and Global Reports that are provided to investors, shareholders, DJSI etc.


  • 20 years working in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance fields including 5 years’ extensive global experience working in Sustainability Reporting.
  • Passion for helping managers, supervisors, and workers/employees implement best practices and comply with legislation, ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved for the business and workers/employees.
  • Meticulous eye for detail and strives to ensure systems implemented don’t become labour intensive for those maintaining them.
  • Variety of industry experience.
  • Ability to adapt to surroundings to ensure best outcome for all involved is achieved.

Along with the industry experience, Cheryl holds the following formal qualifications:

  • Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management;
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety (Workplace Health and Safety Officer for 15 Years).
  • Qualified Principal Auditor with Exemplar Global for Environmental Management Systems