Work Health and Safety and Environmental Consulting

Our workplace safety consulting charge out rate is *$95/hour

We are able to provide the following types of WHS Consulting Services, including:

  • Management System Implementation;
  • Incident Investigation;
  • Formulation and/or Management of Statistical information in health, safety, environment, quality and sustainability;
  • Assistance in documenting and implementing requirements of environmental licence conditions;
  • Documenting Emergency Management System;
  • General Consulting.

*A reduced rate applies for all fixed or short term contracts and ongoing support projects.

Please contact us for further details for OHS Consulting.

Management System Implementation

Implementation of any management system is sometimes not an easy task. Staff and management are already busy with their day to day tasks without trying to work out what is required, what needs to be document, recorded and embed into existing work practices.  We are able to work with you to determine the most effective way to implement you Management System.  We are able to do this by

  • Assessing what you have in place;
  • Documenting an implementation plan;
  • Documenting procedures or training material required ;
  • Carrying out targeted training for specific areas;
  • Work with staff to document records and registers
  • Assess after implementation the effectiveness and tweak the system where required.