2017 Fatality Statistics (Jan 2017 – 26 April 2017)

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A lot of people get bored by statistics, but they are real. Especially these ones. Since January 2017 to 26 April 2017 there has been a staggering 51 workplace deaths. That is one every 2.2 days! So following these statistics there has likely been 2 fatalities this week. 2 workers that have not returned home to their families. 2 workplaces that have been significantly affected by the death of their workmate. The impact these 2 fatalities have a on our society is significant, it becomes a spider effect. It is not just the families and workers, it’s the doctors, paramedics, police, safety professionals etc. Ensure your business is fully across what the health and safety legislation in your jurisdiction requires and keep your workers and your work environment safe. If you need further assistance with this please contact me today for a free 30 min no obligation chat.

Industry of workplace Total deaths 2016 Deaths 1 Jan 2016 to 26 April 2016 Deaths 1 Jan 2017 to 26 April 2017
Transport, postal & warehousing641719
Agriculture, forestry & fishing411711
Arts & recreation services823
Electricity, gas, water & waste services733
Other services420
Administrative & support services300
Public administration & safety311
Information media & telecommunications220
Accommodation & food services111
Education & training100
Health care & social assistance110
Professional, scientific & technical services110
Retail trade101
Wholesale trade100
Government administration & defence000
Financial & insurance services000
Total worker deaths1785351
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