Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability within large organisations globally is a big deal and not just a fad. Research shows that sustainability has real business benefits when integrated into business operations. Six major advantages are

  1. Improved brand image and competitive advantage
  2. Increase productivity and reduce costs
  3. Increase business ability to comply with regulation
  4. Attract employees and investors
  5. Reduce waste
  6. Make shareholders happy

To help businesses show their commitment to Sustainability there is a Global Reporting Initiative Standard which outlines different levels of requirements which can then be assessed against.

Typical areas covered by Sustainability Reporting are:

  • Governance
  • Human Rights
  • Environment
  • Community
  • People

Cheryl Middleton has extensive experience working with a large global mining company for 5 years which involved collection of data globally to assist in producing the Annual Sustainability Report. Each report obtained the highest rating of A+ by Ernst & Young against the Global Reporting Initiative Standard GRI G3.