Injury Management

Workplace Injury Management

Our consulting charge out rate for helping businesses with workplace injury management is *$95/hour.

Types of Injury Management and Workplace Rehabilitation services we are able to provide include:

  • Assisting businesses with the Rehabilitation of Injured workers which involves working with the worker/employee, medical professionals and management
  • Mentoring Workplace Rehabilitation Co-ordinators
  • Working with businesses to look at ways of reducing WorkCover expenses by formulating plans to return the worker to normal duties as soon as practical

*A reduced rate applies for all fixed or short term contracts and ongoing support projects.

For further information and advice on how to handle a work rehabilitation matter please contact us

  • Rehabilitation Assistance
  • Working with the worker/employee, medical professionals and management to ensure the best outcome for all involved
  • Development and review of Suitable Duties Plans
  • Assisting in the overall return to work program of the worker which may involve rehabilitation into a new role
  • Rehabilitation Mentoring
  • Development of Suitable Duties Plans
  • Development and Implementation of policies and procedures
  • Setting of systems to support the return to work program e.g. case notes, files, preferred medical professionals etc
  • Workcover
  • Tracking of statistics
  • Providing in-house suitable duties
  • Providing beneficial training for the injured worker
  • Positive encouragement of the return to work process from all levels of management and workers
  • Finding a host employer if no suitable duties available