Car Safety

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Car Safety

Is your car safe these school holidays?

We all like to think we are great drivers and we will be safe on the road, but in a lot of cases it’s not your driving that is at fault.  It’s a number of external factors such as

  • Other drivers
  • Road conditions
  • Car safety/roadworthy

With school holidays now in full swing there are people travelling away on holidays with their precious cargo on board (family).  How many of you run a number of checks on your vehicle before taking a long trip?  Just because you had your car serviced a month ago, doesn’t mean everything is OK.  Since the last service you may have:

  • Got a nail in your tyre;
  • Brake light decided not to work;
  • Got an oil leak…….

If you are off on a trip, some things you can check before you leave

  • Engine oil level;
  • Windscreen wipers/washers;
  • Tyre pressure and condition;
  • Wheel nuts in place;
  • All lights on the vehicle operate effectively;
  • Hand brake;
  • Ensure all loose items that might cause serious injury are secured.

These checks can be done very quickly but can make a difference in an accident

If you are in an accident, things to remember to take note of.   It’s a good idea to always carry pen and paper in your car as you never know when you might need it.

  • Date and time of the accident;
  • Other drivers Name, Contact Details, License Number and Expiry and Insurance Details;
  • Other drivers Car Make, Model, Year, Registration Number;
  • Witnesses (this is important as the other driver might be happy to comply now, but stories may change later);
  • Draw a picture of what happened in case any details are forgotten latter.

If your business has workers travelling in vehicles regularly these tips can also be applied in the workplace.  If you need help within your business on implementing these then please contact me today on 0413917722.

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