Death during Airport Link Tunnel Build

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Did you know someone died in a Workplace Incident during the construction of the Brisbane Airport Link Tunnel? 

Most of us have used ”Airport Link Tunnel” at some point since its opened.  But very few of us know that during the construction of the Tunnel a 40 year old worker was killed. His family and friends expected him to come home that day, and he didn’t.

The Engineering contractor was John Holland and now 5 years later they have been fined over the death.  They were fined $170 000 over the death which is horrible to see that in the courts this is what this mans life was worth.

After the death of this man, during investigation it found there were at least 12 other serious issues.  Could his death be prevented…….the answer is YES.

In facts presented to the court John Holland admitted it failed to provide him with training on risk or control measures for the work, or a safe system of work.

Next time your are driving through the tunnel and thinking how great it is with the time saved, think about this man that lost his life and others injured during the build.  Health and Safety issues were so bad that the workers went on strike after the death of this man.

This is a great example of a business NOT carrying out their responsibility by having the correct Health and Safety procedures in place, that identify all associated risks and ensuring workers are aware of these risks.

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