Can a trip hazard result in loss of sight? YES

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Gavan McGuane’s life changed in a matter of seconds after a completely preventable workplace incident involving a trip hazard.

At just 36, Gavan lost all vision in one eye, and 80 per cent of his vision in the other, after he tripped and fell onto a beer keg, resulting in an alkaline substance mixed with gas under pressure spraying into his face.

Gavan’s story reveals a heartbreaking story, which continues to impact heavily on Gavan, as well as his family and friends.

If you would like to ensure your business complies and you don’t have trip hazards or other risks within your business, then contact me today and we can discuss your concerns and schedule a site inspection.   I can be contacted on 0413 917722 or send me an email on Website  Please share with colleagues who you would believe would benefit from this video and connect with me to follow further posts.

The standard you choose to walk past, is the standard you choose to accept!!

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