Oil and Water

Oil and water - zero exposure OHS

Did you know that as little as half a litre of oil, can cause an oil slick the size of a football field if it reaches water? Why is oil such as concern to the environment? It can take up to 20 years for an aquatic eco-system to recover from an oil spill. The heavy […]

Electricity Saving tips

Electricity savings tips - Wind farm

Is your electricity bill way too high? Here are some tips to help you save on electricity at home and the workplace. Computers Where practical, use laptop computers which use up to 90% less electricity than desktop computers Because much of a computer’s electricity usage is for the monitor, choose LCD or LED monitors which […]

How many people do you know?

How many people do you know - Article by Cheryl Zero Exposure

How many people do you know? In Queensland 1 in 25 workers are injured every year and 1 in 70 workers suffer a serious injury.  Those numbers are crazy!  Look around where you work or your circle of friends.  How many people do you know that are potentially an injury waiting to happen?  Everyone can […]

Shane Webcke’s Touching Story


We all want our parents, partners, family members and friends to return home from work safely. The following is Shane Webcke’s touching story Shane Webcke, football legend and sports presenter, is Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s Safety Ambassador. Shane has a strong connection and commitment to work safety as his father was killed in a […]