Cost of Appliances

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How much are your appliances costing per hour?

The numbers below are based on Australian average appliances and is a guide only.  Costs are per hour

Dishwasher (Cold) 34c
Kettle 79c
Microwave 50c
Oven – electric $1.25
Oven – gas 48c
Cooktop – electric (per element) 79c
Cooktop – gas (per element) 48c
Rangehood 5c
Toaster 33c
Refrigerator/Freezer 3c
Iron 20c
Clothes Dryer Less than 5kg $1.49
Washing Machine Front Load (5-10kg) 16c
Washing Machine Front Loader (5-10kg) 79c
Air conditioner 11c
Fan 1c
Heater 34c
Television (35-43inch LED) 8c
Television (35-43inch Plasma) 10c
DVD Player 1c
Vacuum Cleaner 80c
Laptop 1c
Desktop Computer 5c
Game Console 7c
Hairdryer 80c

 Some tips on how you can save money

Hot Water System

  • Install hot water system near the hot taps you use most often
  • Try to protect the system from the weather
  • Replace washers on leaking hot water taps
  • Take short showers rather than a bath
  • Fit a water saver shower head.

Air Conditioning

  • Sealing out draughts
  • Shade your windows
  • Insulate roofs
  • Seal off unused areas to acts as a barrier
  • Position A/C at or above eye level (1.2 – 2m)

Refrigerators and Freezers

  • Don’t put hot food in the fridge
  • Ensure there is an 8cm air gap
  • Keep the unit defrosted. Frost build no >6mm
  • Should be kept as full as possible
  • Put in cool place, not next to cookers
  • Maintain door seal

Way to check seal of Refrigerator and Freezers

  1. Place a piece of paper between the door seals and the door. If the paper can be moved in and out easily, the seal is not working. Check the seals on all sides. Adjusting the door may solve the problem.
  2. Place a mirror on the outside of the door seals while the door is shut and if the mirror fogs up the seal also needs fixing.


Turn off when not needed


  • TV’s use up to 24% on Standby
  • Microwaves, Stereos and Video Recorders use up to 40% on standby

A Typical Australian house uses over 60w on standby equipment.

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