Wipes (even if they indicate they are toilet safe) MUST not be flushed down the toilet.

“Only human waste and toilet paper should ever be flushed down the toilet”

Surveys done in regions show that one in four residents flushed wet wipes down the toilet, which can clog up pipes and block toilets. One resident indicated he had been hit with a $16,000 plumbing bill.

The Water Services Association of Australia estimated wet wipes are costing water utilities $15 million per year.

Across the network, the wipes can combine with items like fats and oils to create “fatbergs” – which lead to environmental damage when the blockages create sewage overflows into creeks, rivers and beaches.

When people read “flushable” they believe that means the product will break down, but this isn’t the case.

“The issue is that wet wipes don’t break down like toilet paper”

“Toilet paper breaks down almost immediately when flushed.

Test show that during a 21 hour testing period, wet wipes hadn’t broken down in any way ”

This video below show how quick toilet paper breaks down vs wipes.