Injuries can spiral out of control

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Do you think a splinter injury in the workplace could cost thousands of dollars and result in a permanent impairment to the worker? YES!!

Injuries, no matter how small can sometimes result in a much larger injury if not managed well by both the worker and the employer.

I have had extensive workplace rehabilitation experience and the company can do all things possible to prevent an injury, but if the workers also don’t do their part things can get out of hand………and quickly.  That’s why it is important for all injuries (no matter the severity) are to be reported using the appropriate internal reporting processes and MUST be followed up by appropriate supervisor/manager etc.

As a Workplace Rehabilitation Officer, I experienced a worker that sustained a splinter injury.  The workplace had everything in place to help prevent this injury, along with appropriate reporting channels.  This injury ended up more severe, due to a break down in first aid management of the splinter injury by the worker and by not reporting through appropriate channels.  This injury resulted in 2 surgeries’, approximately 4 months’ rehabilitation and a permanent impairment payout by WorkCover.  The worker now has to live with this impairment for the rest of his life, which could have been prevented if processes were followed.  The impact of this injury on the employer is it ended up costing thousands of dollars against the employers WorkCover insurance due to medical expenses, lost time of wages, rehabilitation (suitable duties) and WorkCover payout.

Management of any workplace injury is extremely important, not just due to the financial implications but also the effect an injury has on the injured worker, their family and friends.  If injuries are not managed well by both the worker and the employer, they can spiral out of control.

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