Management System Audits

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We have a Management System that’s implemented and workers are trained……that’s all I need right?   WRONG!!

Why this statement is wrong, is businesses think that once they have a ‘Management System’ then they are covered and nothing further is required.  They may meet their obligations and have documents in place however they need to ask themselves:

  • how are they preforming;
  • are procedures being followed;
  • are forms being used;
  • what is the integrity of the data presented (is it true and correct);
  • is the business complying with legislation including any recent legislative changes etc.

So what is the best tool that can be used to answer these?   CARRY OUT AN AUDIT.

What is an audit?

An audit is a systematic and, wherever possible, independent examination to determine whether activities within the business conform to what’s documented in the Management System.  An audit can also determine the level of implementation of the Management System and compliance by the workers.

Audits can be either internal or external.   An internal audit is carried out by trained personnel within the business. An external audit is carried out by a third party auditor.  The type of the audit conducted will be dependent of the organisational needs.

Examples of what might be covered in an audit are:

  1. Are there adequate procedures for identifying specific requirements?
  2. Are the procedures followed and are responsibilities set out clearly and understood?
  3. Are procedures for identifying hazards and regular assessment/controls of risks identified and measured to avoid or reduce the risk?
  4. Are there adequate procedures for setting, reviewing and revising as necessary standards for meeting specific requirements to eliminate or reduce risks?
  5. Do the procedures for setting company standards include the identification of measurable targets which can be audited to monitor the level of compliance with company standards?

There are many ways to approach and manage auditing requirements within a business.  If you would like to know more, or need assistance within your business please contact Cheryl on 0413 917722 or

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