Company Vehicles = Risky Business

Many businesses today are mobile. This is great in so many ways and some industries rely on being mobile, such as that electrician you need to do those repairs at home.   With that however comes risk for the owner of the electrical business.  Sometimes it’s a risk that isn’t even on their radar until something […]

2017 Fatality Statistics (Jan 2017 – 26 April 2017)

A lot of people get bored by statistics, but they are real. Especially these ones. Since January 2017 to 26 April 2017 there has been a staggering 51 workplace deaths. That is one every 2.2 days! So following these statistics there has likely been 2 fatalities this week. 2 workers that have not returned home […]

Have you tested your emergency plan recently?

You may have seen in the media this week with the Commonwealth Games fast approaching, the Queensland Police Service and Queensland Rail are performing mock exercises to test their response procedures. This is great as they get all first responders, intelligence officers, detectives and other specialist units as well as the Queensland Ambulance Service and Queensland […]

Car Safety

Car Safety

Is your car safe these school holidays? We all like to think we are great drivers and we will be safe on the road, but in a lot of cases it’s not your driving that is at fault.  It’s a number of external factors such as Other drivers Road conditions Car safety/roadworthy With school holidays […]

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Are you confident in an emergency situation you are equipped to respond? I thought I was, but I wasn’t….. We all like to think in an emergency situation we will remain calm and be able to put what we have learnt into practice and then fall in a heap after. In my career, I have completed […]

Can a trip hazard result in loss of sight? YES


Gavan McGuane’s life changed in a matter of seconds after a completely preventable workplace incident involving a trip hazard. At just 36, Gavan lost all vision in one eye, and 80 per cent of his vision in the other, after he tripped and fell onto a beer keg, resulting in an alkaline substance mixed with […]

Management System = BUSINESS Growth

Management Systems

So you may be wondering what is with the title of this article Management System = GROWTH.   So there is so much talk out there whether its in the marketing fields, finance fields, sales fields with regard to GROWTH, but something businesses forget about as part of this is their systems.  In order to […]

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Do you know if your Emergency Response Plan will work in an emergency event? What is emergency response in a workplace?  Is this just in the event of a fire?  Emergency Response is not just in the event of a fire or natural disaster its all emergency situations your business might face whether its on […]

Death during Airport Link Tunnel Build

Did you know someone died in a Workplace Incident during the construction of the Brisbane Airport Link Tunnel?  Most of us have used ”Airport Link Tunnel” at some point since its opened.  But very few of us know that during the construction of the Tunnel a 40 year old worker was killed. His family and […]

Worker fined in Brisbane

On 5 August 2014 a boilermaker for a Brisbane company, was undertaking welding and steel grinding activities in a stairwell. He placed a canvas bag containing, pressurised spray paint cans in close proximity to the work area. The canvas bag caught alight and the spray paint cans heated and exploded in a sudden and large […]